• Tacos and Tequila Fundraising Event a Success!

    On Thursday evening, May 16th, nonprofit Brighter Generation Foundation and guests from around Dallas and Fort Worth gathered at Lofty Spaces located in downtown Dallas to recognize and celebrate people and organizations who are making great strides to end youth homelessness.

    Miriam Marsh, Chairwoman for Brighter Generation Foundation welcomed guests and shared some great resources and initiatives that are making a difference in the lives of homeless youth between the ages of 12 and 21.

    • Miriam Marsh, Chairwoman – at Brighter Generation Foundation we have what is called a 360 Approach which is community, corporations, and local government. Our community pillar works directly with homeless youth to provide them with basic needs such as food, water, clothing, and hygiene kits. Our corporate pillar works with companies around the DFW area to connect these youth with scholarships, training, mentorship, job skills, and eventually employment opportunities. Our local government pillar works to identify who the children are that need our assistance and where to locate them. (http://brightergeneration.org/)
    • Dr. Jose Luis Torres, Executive Director of Student Services – the Student Assistance Program at Texans Can Academy is the first in the country to offer crisis counseling to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Students can access the service by calling directly, through a student advisor within the school, or calling through a parent or guardian. (https://youtu.be/CU2SH6GvcRU)
    • Charles Johnson, Community Activist – I bring them up like they are my grandsons. I raise them on the rules and regulations that I was raised on. I tell them they have an opportunity to have a family. I’m going to look out for them and watch out for them and make sure they graduate on time. (https://youtu.be/Xdm9aoZDtJQ)

    Stay tuned to Brighter Generation Foundation’s page for program updates and learn how you can become a member or volunteer.

    Before the announcement of the 2019 Distinguished Excellence Award recipient, Miriam shared some video clips with the audience of a homeless youth, Desmond Davis who overcame his circumstance and went on to receive a full ride scholarship to Oklahoma State University with the help and support of his foster parent, Charles Johnson (shown below). Mr. Johnson frequently takes in homeless students.

    The 2019 Distinguished Excellence Award went to Dr. Jose Luis Torres of Texans Can Academy for establishing the first Student Assistance Program in the United States which provides crisis counseling to students.

    The evening of celebration ended with time for networking, food, drinks, and entertainment provided by a magician, a live painter, the LED Man, and the soulful sounds of Ceci Jones and the Curt Jones Band. Huge congratulations to the winner, to the people that are actively involved in ending youth homelessness, and to the homeless youth that are overcoming their circumstances to move on and do great things.

    A special thank you goes to the volunteers and sponsors. Fundraisers like this would not be possible without their assistance and partnership! Ericsson, Texans Can Academy, NFL Alumni Association, National Life Insurance, and Q Factor Chirpractic. Visit us at www.brigthergeneration.org today to make a donation for our ongoing effort to curb childhood homelessless and help foster youth.